Saturday, December 8, 2012

Verandah @ Cyberview Lodge Resort

Remember that i posted something regarding the Leadership Training some time ago?
During our 3-day training, we were fed with plenty of food, ranging from Italian cuisine to Chinese Dim Sum...
and the last but not least...
The fusion food was the best as we could taste the best of all sorts - asian, japanese, chinese...whatever u named it....
 our lunch was held at Verandah restaurant in this nice resort place
 it has huge ample space for dining, and a separate area for food counters
 i can't get enuff of ice-cream...yam & vanilla flavor are my fav!
 there are aplenty of "malay kuihs" (delicacy) served at the dessert area, but too bad i was too full for any of these!
 egg custard, mini cakes, tarts and pastry around
 they even hav cookies in the jar
 donuts and a variety of buns...looks appetizing
 satays!!! both beef & chicken satay were served...with the peanut gravy and the usual condiments (cucumber, nasi impit, onions)
 here's the Japanese area...where a variety of sushi, udon & tempuras were served
 the fruits counter
 apples...not poisonous, no worry ;-)
the cold dessert section serves ais kacang with various condiments to mix along!
I'm spoilt for choice...

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