Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I rather sell Char Kuey Teow...

If not for the various choices of local food, Char Kuey Teow could be one of my fav. Years ago, when i was a kid, i craved for it alot. It was cheap back then, around $1.80 per plate, but price hav sky-rocketed over the past years and it can now fetch up to $4.50 with a tiny portion. Despite trying a number of char kuey teows around Klang Valley, there is still none that beats those in Penang. Perhaps i hav to head back to Penang to satisfy my craving?
It looks good but not yummy @ all.
But still, it is not cheap
those hawkers are making BIG MONEY by selling these.
I too want to become a char kuey teow seller...
huge profit business, anyone???

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