Monday, July 20, 2015

Home Made Fish Head Noodles

"Home Made Fish Head Noodles" at IOI city mall, jst beside Texas Chicken restaurant and facing the ice skating ring....
the place is quite new with nice floor tiles,
it was lunchtime but there's no crowd, probably coz it was a weekday.
Lunch promotion with free coffee/tea, or you can opt for upgrade to iced drinks with additional 70 cent.
I ordered fish head noodles. Was surprised to see the huge portion of noodle soup with pieces of fried fish served separately.
burrpppp!!! this bowl is huge enuff to last till dinner (or even the next day!)


Twilight Man said...

I guess all food claims to be home made these days.
I wonder whether there is any difference with cooking them in restaurants?
I love Fish Head Noodles anytime!

Princess Ribbon said...

I like fish head noodles.. With extra milk, yummzzz.. I've eaten Woo Pin fish head noodles, RM8+ per bowl.. But nice..

Small Kucing said... have given me what to eat for lunch liao :)

RealGunners said...

Serve the fish on the side sumore dare to claim is homemade? LOL!

mun said...

I don't think can last till next day cos bihun is quite light. I often eat at this place in Midvalley.

Huai Bin said...

I think they got a branch in Mid-Valley as well, at the row of F&B outlets opposite The Gardens, beside Maybank, Yeast and Antipodean. Not sure if it's the same one though but the bowl of noodles look the same.

It looks good but generally I prefer fish noodles without milk inside the broth (not used to it, since I come from Sarawak and our fish noodles don't have milk inside). :)

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: I love fish head noodles with boneless!

Princess Ribbon: I used to hav Woo Pin fish head noodles in Tmn Desa, since now there hav an outlet nearby my house, i seldom eat there liao...

Small Kucing: really? haha!

RealGunners: 'Homemade' is jst another marketing gimmick.

Mun: this franchise open quite early too? As far as i know, u r always early in MidValley for ur grocery shoppings.

Huai Bin: ic, i never been to Sarawak before, but i guess i will like both version of fish head noodles, with or without milk.

mun said...

I forgot what time it opens, not as early as 8am but around 1030am I think.

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