Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Case Study

Staff A is a senior staff who has experience in product X. He has previously presented product X to various clients but has now moved on with another products.
Staff B is a newly joined staff and has been with the company for nine months. She is tasked to take over product X and has been assigned by the Manager to present a demo on this product to an existing client.
After some correspondence, Staff B has arranged with the client for a demo session on the following Monday so that she can have a few days to prepare. However, Staff B took sick leave on that day.

As a Manager, would you:
Wait for Staff B to return work on the other day, and reschedule the session with the Client?
Get Staff A to conduct the demo to the Client without him having much knowledge on what the Client wants. Staff A has only 3 hours to prepare and yet he is unsure of the feature that the Client wants as he was not in the loop.

Let me know your option and your reasoning for it.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Check with the client if can schedule to another day as now Staff B is in charge of the product...

mun said...

Wait for Staff B and rescheduled because it is not fair to Staff A to suddenly throw this thing to him at the last minute and it is not fair to the client to have someone who does not know the client's requirements to present the demo. Are you the manager? Which decision did you take? Or Are you Staff A? And the manager throw this to you at the last minute?

Dewi Aja said...

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Nux V said...

Somewhere in Singapore: thanks for your opinion.

Mun: if I m the manager I would not even bother to ask Staff A whether he could help, coz it wouldn't be fair to every party. Like u said, Staff A has to come out with something last minute, meanwhile all the effort that Staff B has put in preparing this has gone to drain if Staff A takes over the job. How would Staff B feel when she comes back?

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