Friday, June 29, 2018

Daorae & Mi Na Rae

On one of my lazy Saturday, I went for an early dinner (cum late lunch) at my regular Korean restaurant - Mi Na Rae
I had...sundubu jjigae set (around RM20+)
It was a sumptuous meal as I requested for refills on the banchans…
Then the following day, my BIL treat us dinner...
And so, i had another Korean meal, this time in Daorae.
As this was a family dinner, we did not order the set meal, but ala carte with pork, chicken, and seafood for bbq.
I requested for this pajeon, just so-so only
and we also ordered a samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) to 'clear our throat' after all the grilled meat
it was a pricey meal as it totalled up to around RM250~~ for 5 persons.
*the bbq meats certainly not worth it, coz one can get better portion and quality in bbq buffet-style.


mun said...

Mi Na Rae is better I guess. I should make an effort to eat there one day as I have been hearing from you about it. Your whole family love to eat K food! Good that all of you share the same interest.

Libby said...

Very hungry looking at all these Korean foods now

Twilight Man said...

I have only been to Daorae several times and they don;t come cheaply. They are better than many others in some ways like food choices and service. I think the best so far is Seoul Korea Restaurant at Taman Desa which is full house every night at dinner time.

I must try this Mi Na Rae someday too.

Nux V said...

Mun: yea, it is getting popular and usually will need to queue during weekend lunch/dinner.

Libby: u r looking at my post at 4:59am, for sure will get hungry!

Twilight Man: I have been to Seoul Korea Taman Desa a few years back but it was empty, I still can't imagine it is full house every night.

Small Kucing said...

Yikes... rm50 per person. Looks like having buffet better

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