Monday, June 18, 2018

All sorts of foods again, this time in.....

Some time last year, me and colleagues organised a b'day celebration for one of our teammates. We had a b'day lunch in Hakka Ah Lian Wasabi Serdang Lama, which is quite popular among the neighbourhood there.
Here are the dishes we had:
Sauteed cabbage
Salted chicken
the so-called 'wasabi fish'. The greenish thing on the surface looks like wasabi, but it is actually blended ginger & onions
fried tofu
Beancurd roll filled with fish paste, salted & century eggs
pricewise is reasonable as it is a 'dai-pai-dong' standard.
On another occasion, me and another colleague stayed back one fine evening and we had fried noodles and veggies from the student canteen.
yea, these are kinda cheap around RM5-6 for the noodles and RM3-4 for the veggies, depending on what u ordered. We had a sumptuous dinner!
Unrelated to the above, me & my colleagues also frequented this stall at Taman Sri Serdang to get our 'Zha Jiang Mian' noodle fix. It is basically noodles with soybean paste. The stall owner is a friendly mainland Chinese lady who accepts our orders thru WhatsApp. Well, we usually order earlier thru WhatsApp to ensure she does not run out of ingredients by the time we arrived there (kiasu mode!)

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mun said...

The wasabi fish looks good. The noodles at student canteen is so affordable. You are lucky to be able to eat there whenever you like. Wah the mainland lady is so up to date that she uses technology to do business now.

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