Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Team Lunch @ Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Putrajaya

It's end of the year and time for some makan-makan!
We have a huge balance of team fund to clear, hence decided to splurge on......BUFFET!
It was a weekday Tuesday and I purposely went back to the office for this team lunch...
Arrived at the restaurant quite early, probably the earliest among all other diners, coz the other tables were still empty and only ours was occupied.
While waiting for my other teammates to arrive, took a few snaps here and there 'for remembrance'....
Here are the various food/dishes served in 'Latest Recipe' buffet....
From the fresh seafood section:
mussels & scallops
From the Japanese section:
Teriyaki beef -  unfortunately the meat were tough and dry....
assorted sushi - i had a piece of everything here!😀 tastewise just mediocre...
From the salad/cold cuts bar:
Various types of salads/kerabu
From the Chinese cuisine section:
steamed chicken and roasted chicken - i did not try....coz too full and the chicken doesn't look appealing
From the Malay cuisine section:
all sorts of local dishes (name of the dishes as below)
Ekor Masak Lemak
Ikan Kari
Kambing Kuzi
Sayur Campur
From the Indian cuisine section:
all sorts of Indian spices/sauces to go with the naan/rice
they even have kacang putih & murukku
here is my fav - deep fried bitter gourds
fish tandoori - looks good but dry and hard😒
from the dessert section:
assorted cakes
colorful local kuihs
and tarts/puddings
chocolate fondue for the fruits...which i did not try...coz too full already after eaten ice-cream😕
there is also a Western cuisine section where it serves roasted meat, pizza & pasta...
but my favourite is chicken roulade (below)....tender and well marinated!
Here's a view of the restaurant....most of the tables were booked...
by the time we left, this place was fully occupied....
Overall, food is just so-so....some hits and misses....and there is no tempura & salmon sushi😭
most of the Malay dishes has strong santan taste which i dislike.
meanwhile the Chinese section are mostly stir-fried veggies & soup noodles...kinda bland
But since this is a company paid meal....i dun complaint much...
more company feast/makan makan after this meal...stay tuned!


mun said...

Wah, so much variety, so much food. Looks good too. Hope you enjoyed this buffet despite not liking the strong santan taste in some of the food. I doubt I can even eat one scoop from each dish cos too many dishes and my stomach not enough space.

Rose world said...

I love year end dinner!!! The best. Haha

I usually hit the main course area first. Lol. Not crazy about the dessert though, unless still have space in my tummy for it after all the eating. Hehe

Nancy Chan said...

My favourite would be the seafood section. So fast reaching the end of the year. Hope we will have a better new year in 2022.

shirleysimplerecipe said...

The seafood looks yum 😄!

Tekkaus said...

I wish my company would do something like this...

PH said...

Aiyoyoyo! I can't remember when was the last time I went to a buffet.

Stacy said...

I would totally purposely go to the office for a buffet like this too! Definitely some of the selections available would be worth the effort.

Twilight Man said...

I am drooling! I miss eating buffets so much. Need to wait till my stitches are healed otherwise my stomach will explode.

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