Wednesday, November 29, 2023

From the apartment balcony at Costa del Este & Coco del Mar

[Throwback, to clear the backlog of the previous trip
My rented unit is on the 39th floor, hence i can see the entire office building from my balcony. The highway on the right is the Pan-American highway which stretches up to 30,000 km covering 15 countries. This highway also connects the Panama City with the airport.
[Below] One of those weekend morning where i woke up too early and decided to make chicken soup😂
It was 5am (GMT-5), which is 6pm Malaysian time. So, this was my 'dinner', kinda mix up with my biological clock, even after weeks of staying there.
I have a 'date' with Mr-nice-guy on that Sunday morning. But before that, I visited his apartment coz he has been bragging about the scenic ocean view from his unit. 
His balcony is facing the Pacific ocean.
Not only that, his bedroom has the same ocean view too.  Unfortunately, too many ships/vessels passing by this area to the Panama canal, hence the ocean is not as clear as the Caribbean sea.
His one-room apartment is located on the 41st floor, hence overseeing the entire Coco del Mar neighbourhood.


mun said...

Wow, nice views! His apartment is provided by the company too? Your chicken soup looks legit 😋

Stacy said...

Visiting his bedroom... tricky, tricky.

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