Monday, October 25, 2021

Dine-out @ Tastylicious Dim Sum, Sri Petaling

This is a throwback post
I had my first dine-out meal after 5 months (since my last dine-out in May).
Took leave on 1st Oct to run errands and to get a long-due haircut.
On my way back, i passed by this shop and decided to have a lunch. They are having a "20% discount" promotion which is applicable from 1-5pm on weekdays until end of Oct.
Having tried their fried carrot cake before (via Foodpanda), i think it would be better if i have it on the spot....freshly cooked from the wok.
The shop was empty with no patron at all. So, that's the right time to dine-in!
The shop interior is simple, clean and modern. I don't expect a dim sum shop to look like this.
I seated nearby the entrance, away from the aircond...
Ordered a deep fried prawn dumpling
and....well....what else?
fried carrot cake lah.... (my must have!)
The total damage for this meal is RM13.20 after discount...
both are tasty, but the fried carrot cake is quite oily.


Rose world said...

I like the look of the prawn dumplings. Could have lots of that. Didn't have carrot cake in my latest dim sum feast.

mun said...

Oh, you dined in on 1.oct.21 already. 👍 I like the deep fried prawn dumplings. The fried carrot cake can't help but be oily I think. Ah, u cut your hair also. Things are getting back to normal, hopefully hospital admissions don't go up. 🙏

Nancy Chan said...

Prawn dumplings and carrot cake look delicious. Sometimes the carrot cake can be oily.

PH said...

Wah! I really miss fried carrot cake!

Tekkaus said...

The deep-fried prawn dumpling alone is already very tempting.

Stacy said...

Only 2 items ar... well can't have a lot of variety when you're alone.

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