Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Night Fountain @ Towncenter, Costa del Este, Panama

[Throwback, continuation of the previous post
The Project Manager came back to Panama City from Nevis and collected his luggage from my apartment. He was schedule to fly back to the UK the following morning.
So, me and Mr-Nice-Guy decided to have our farewell dinner with him, as we may not have the chance to hangout together in-person again. All 3 of us are based in different continents, separated by oceans😂
After our heavy buffet meal at Brazzeiro, we decided to try out this ice-cream/yogurt shop (forgot the name) and this was the Project Manager's treat.
I chose 'Arequipe' and 'Avellana' flavors, not knowing what flavors are these during that time, these are local flavors that Mr-Nice-Guy chose😂. Being 'illiterate' in Spanish, I just followed what he had.
some unusual flavors that you couldn't find in our Baskin Robbins!
We tried to finish our ice-cream....but was too full (after the meaty buffet). Then to digest off the calories, we went for a short walk around the open area in Town Center shopping mall to enjoy the lights and fountains. Romantic eh? haha!
This fountain is much bigger scale than our Putrajaya IOI City mall 'The Symphony Walk'.
and with better lights spectrum
plus bigger pond too. It's the size of a roundabout. Well, it is actually a roundabout.
Does this view looks fascinating?
The fountain is located right in-front of the main entrance to the Town Center mall.


PH said...

Somehow even with full stomach we will always have room for ice cream hah..hah.. Memang romantic the scenery with colorful fountains and all.

mun said...

Ah, the lights and sceneries and ice cream are perfect settings for falling in love 😍

mun said...

Thank you for the photo of the names of the ice cream so that I can look them up:

So how does Arequipe ice cream taste like?

What I found:
Avellana - hazelnut
Sabores Clasicos - classic flavors
Ron con pasas - rum n raisins
Arequipe aka dulce de leche is Spanish for candy made of milk

Nux V said...

PH: yea, there's always room for desserts!

Mun: You're welcome. Yes, indeed i went to look up those names after that but did not bother much to remember them coz there were over 30+ names. Arequipe tastes like rabbit candy (but i couldn't be sure coz long time didn't eat rabbit candy).

mun said...

Thanks for describing the taste of Arequipe ice cream 🍨🍦

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