Sunday, April 14, 2024

Just a Typical Day in Barbados

While some of you would dream of going to the exotic Caribbean, i can assure you that life is totally unglamorous if you are there for work (instead of holidaying)๐Ÿ˜‚
My typical workday is quite a boring one.
It was a full-day office job from 9am - 6pm ++ daily.
By the time i'm off work, the skies were already dark, and not much for sightseeing...beach also closed ๐Ÿ˜‚
Let me elaborate my typical day in this Caribbean island....
my typical lunch was usually at the Coffee Bean cafe (just across the street from the office)
I was a 'regular customer' until the staff knows my order๐Ÿ˜‚
Anyway, apart from my 'usual wraps' i also tried the jerk chicken panini (BBD22.50 = MYR55.08)
It was tasty with succulent & tender chicken meat and crispy panini.
Dinner would usually at Panenka coz it is within walking distance from the apartment. Only on certain days when we want to have something fancy we would venture out of the Rockley Golf Club/Resort area.
There are daily 'specials' at Panenka. This round, I had beef burger with chips (and drink, not in pic) for BBD25 = MYR61.09
(the conversion to MYR was from the credit card statement...sigh...everything seems so expensive after conversion)
I would think twice if this is paid from my own pocket๐Ÿ˜ข
But well, it was a good meal, the beef patty is thick, juicy and nicely cooked. My colleague who doesn't eat beef happily 'donated' the patty to me and i had double beef patties! The chips are made of real potatoes...not those crappy ones in fast food restaurant. Overall, this platter has standard equivalent to TGIF.
Next is my typical office attire... tis pun kena take picture?!?
of course, coz i don't always wear formal/semi formal๐Ÿ˜†
Then you have a typical scenery while on the way to the office....just some local residence area
These are houses along the narrow street of St. Michael in Bridgetown.
Weather is just as gloomy and unpredictable, some days it rains in the morning or just cloudy. 
Some days with clear blue skies...
Chattel house is quite common in Barbados.
It is small moveable wooden house that middle class people would occupy. 
And their humble bus-stop with the signboard clearly shown. Similar to our kampung bus-stops but they are well-maintained.
Typical mini mart at the gas station. It sells buns/donuts/pastries/hot beverages too, like our 'Kedai Mesra Petronas'.
And lastly, fun fact: Smoking is banned in public places in Barbados since 2010. Such a good move to keep the environment and air fresh. This is the second country (which I went) that enforced smoking ban (Bhutan is the first). Honestly, the air is way fresher there.
Kudos to their government for enforcing this๐Ÿ‘


mun said...

Wow! You have been to Bhutan! Holiday or work in Bhutan?

Thank you for sharing about your life in Barbados. I am now very curious about moveable wooden houses. How are they movable? Do the houses have wheels?

Twilight Man said...

How I wish that our country bans smoking everywhere before it's too late. Vaping has become serious problem in Thailand today.

It was my dream to live in Chattel houses after seeing caravan parks across USA. It is really fun to move about.

Nux V said...

Mun: working trip in Bhutan, but that was more than a decade ago. Was stationed in the ministries office, located in the same office as the King, but I got no luck to bump into their handsome King. The Chattel house has no wheels, but can be moved by crane like the Malays kampung house.

Twilight Man: the chattel house looks like small wooden chalet to me. I think it is not really mobile but is still movaeable using crane.

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