Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY is all about FOOD!

At least i dun starve during CNY coz food is all around!
Snacks and junkies everywhere...
Pork 'bakkwa'. Babi best betul!
Green bean cookie and ngaku crisps, the much sought after snacks @ home!
and here comes pineapple tarts...the runner up of the much sought after snacks...
dragon cookies
more & more Nuts!
Some-kinda-flourmade snacks
of course, CNY isn't complete without mandarin oranges
Chicken floss or isit pork floss???
and finally, after all those junkies, here is my fav Green tea, as to ease digestion...

Eat, drink & be merry!

1 comment:

John A Hill said...

All of this food looks soooo good!

Hey, I wanted to tell you that I borrowed one of your posts from Sept. '07. hope you don't mind. Drop by to see it.


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