Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Gonna Get Messy!

I hav been queueing for Rotiboy when it firstly hit the market. The same goes for JCo donuts on last year. History repeated, but now i m queueing for someting i dislike - bakkwa.
Went to Bee Cheng Hiang to get some for the coming CNY, luckily the queue wasn't long, at least i dun hav to spent like one hour or so like how i round the parking lot in MidValley to get a parking space!
The moment i got a parking space, i was like shouting 'HALLELUYAH!' so much time wasted just for that!
Anyway, a treat for myself after doing all the deeds...
yes, Carls' Jr! i dun hav to queue for it ;-)
btw, the burger won't complete without these (see below)!
add them & it's gonna get messy...


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