Wednesday, January 30, 2019

CNY Mood

CNY mood is in the air and photos of 'lousang' have been spamming my FB, IG and many blogs that I followed...
I had my lousang in early Dec, hence I dun think I would spam my blog with yet another picture of 'yeesang' that soon...*at least not today
Anyway, here's a 'not-so-recent' photo that I took in IOI City Mall....seems like this mall is not that extravagant when it comes to CNY decorations, with modest design every year.
Bonus is out and i'm satisfied with the amount given by my boss. All those sweats and effort that I have made did not go to waste!
shheeshhh…..tell u a secret: it is the highest paid bonus that I ever received in my entire life.
2 weeks ago, i had a pre-bonus celebration with my teammates.
We went to our fav place - the Dave's Deli
There is a new item in the menu:
Salted Egg Chicken Chop
tastewise so-so, was tad dry but ok ler.
Unfortunately, the daily 12-3pm '30% discount' is not applicable for this!
hence, gotta pay around RM22++ for this plate of dry chicken chop.
McD has also introduced Lychee McFlurry and Sundae as part of its CNY menu
I decided to give it a try out of curiosity!
Nothing to shout about, it's just vanilla ice cream with canned lychee toppings!
Super sweet to max!
Not goin to order both of the items above anymore...


mun said...

congrats for getting your big big bonus!!! can go eat again since the chicken chop is too dry. thanks for the warning on the sweet sweet lychee sundae. will not buy it to try.

mun said...

i think ioi city mall did well with the pagoda as cny decor. can't expect it to compete with pavilion.

Libby said...

Wah you got bonus ah, congrats! I like the Pagoda decor at ioi city mall, nice!

Nux V said...

Mun: thanks, but after deduction, my bonus doesn't seem big anymore :-(

Libby: yea, the Pagoda is unusual as it is seldom used in mall décor.

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