Thursday, January 31, 2019

CNY Mood 2

My 'must have' when CNY season the Prosperity Burger....
since it was back on the menu, I had it a few times & have tried both the chicken and the beef version...
This year there's fish Properity Burger too, hopefully I can try it soon.
On another note, i have been trying all sort of items in both KFC/McD menu, out of curiousity. And the latest that I tried is this curry rice bowl at RM5.90 each (if I remember it correctly la).
It taste like those mamak curry rice with chicken popcorns. The rice was already soaked with curry gravy when served, although I thought the curry could be better served in a separate container.
It could be spicy for some as I got hiccups after eating a few spoonful. 
Been hunting and sampling for CNY cookies too....The below are some of my favorite ones, but i did not buy from this stall.
Lastly (unrelated to CNY), i had chicken rice lunch at a shop in Jalan SK7/12 intersection Jalan Besar some 2 weeks ago (I dunno what's the shop name). It was just as good as the 'Kong Sai Puchong' chicken rice in Bandar Puteri and with reasonable price. We ordered half chicken to be shared among 3 of us. The bill came to RM10 per pax with rice and drinks


mun said...

I have tried the prosperity fish burger and I like the fish patty but the black pepper sauce is so hot that it numbed my whole mouth until I forgot to take photos so cannot write about it. I will eat it again but ask for don't put any sauce. I also wanted to try all the KFC bowls but no chance until now. This chicken rice I am not familiar with but Jalan Besar - is it at Sri Kembangan market there? - is very jam, so don't dare to go there. Have a happy chinese new year! Enjoy ya! :D

PH said...

I used to enjoy the beef prosperity burger and the curly fries. Hopefully I can catch it before it is over :)

Lotus said...

I do not really like prosperity burger as the black pepper sauce is too strong for me

Nux V said...

Mun: yea, a very jam road....I think I have tried all KFC bowls by now.

Phong Hong: go get it!

Libby: yea, it is too strong for me too :-(

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