Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pre-CNY Dinner

Before the CNY ends, let me just post up some foodie pics for record keeping.
Pre-CNY dinner - A simple meal since it was just 4 of us.
 we dun celebrate CNY lavishly (after 'master chef' grandaunt passed away a decade ago), it was only simple dinner either at restaurant or at home.
Here was one homecooked dish for pre-cny dinner
 roasted duck bought from nearby neighbourhood
arrowhead with roasted pork
 and prawn dish
 dinner for four
I usually spare some 'space' for snacks-in-front-of-tv later on...
 The following day, we had lousang at home, just for fun...but of course with a guest
this was our tea-time
after then, eat bakkwa and more snacks until full!


Libby said...

I like the arrowheads with roast pork the most

Twilight Man said...

I would say yours looked like a lavish meal... Did you see mine?
We sat on the hotel's floor and threw everything inside the electric hotpot to boil. Wakakaka

mun said...

Wah! Still lots of food since it is not many people. Snacks are the best during cny!

Nux V said...

Libby: i only like arrowhead when they are crisp...and roast pork when they are fatty ;-)

Twilight Man: yours is a romantic meal, it's another level.

Mun: yea, there are leftovers.

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