Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Last October, I got the opportunity for a business trip to Mauritius.
As this is my first time to a country-so-near-Africa, I was kinda excited...(and worried about work at the same time)
But well, despite geographically near to that big continent, this country is no where similar to those African countries as its population are mostly Asians - Indian & Chinese who migrated over to this small island during the British/French colonialism. Basically it's just like our beloved country, multi-race & multi-religion.
My flight was supposedly scheduled at noon but has been delayed until 9pm plus...A few more hours for me to spend at home before bidding goodbye :-)
Initially the Air Mauritius flight would stopover in Changi, but due to the delay, it was vice versa, meaning, it stopped at Changi first before KLIA.
Besides Mauritians, Singaporeans and Malaysians, the passengers onboard were also from the Bangla land....
yea, the Bangladeshi involve largely in their textile industry!
Before arrival, the forms that required to fill up
the onboard meal - tiramisu, shrimp with macaroni salad, buns, biscuit, and the main meal of potatoes, fish in tomato sauce, capsicum, carrots etc
Landed in 'Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport' in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Took the cab to our hotel located in Moka, which is about 40 - 50 minutes drive on a dark road.
When we reached the hotel, the door was locked and no one at sight. The receptionist only came to unlock the glassdoor upon seeing us. Me and colleague were really sleepy as we did not sleep well in the plane *the Bangladeshi were too noisy
After a quick check-in, we went to our respective room to continue with zZzzZZZzz
luckily it was a Sunday, otherwise no chance to steal a few hours of sleep.
The Voila Hotel is a V-shape building with only 3-stories high. My room is located at the 2nd floor. Quite decent room with basic amenities, such as shower area, toilet, a queen size bed, wardrobe, safety box.
Open concept - The toilet is transparent, and so does the shower room
the room view at night
working desk
Another view from different corner. I like the huge glass window, it provides natural lighting to the room during the daytime as well as spectacular sunset view in the evening.
the room is of moderate size, can't expect much as it is paid by our client.
I slept thru the nite and woke up to a very bright morning...and I thought i hav overslept and missed the breakfast. Luckily the breakfast was until 11, and I quickly freshen up myself to have my brunch. My first meal in Mauritius is a western style breakfast...ok, this was from the hotel daily breakfast buffet.
was having my brunch alone as my colleague has taken it earlier
After the heavy brunch, gotta 'gambate' to continue my work before meeting client on Monday.


Twilight Man said...

If you had more time there, I believe you would go scuba diving and island hopping too! I heard there are whales and dolphins not too far away. Did you see them from your windows? I actually disliked the see-through bathrooms although they looked chic & modern concept.

Phong Hong said...

I hear the beaches are very beautiful like paradise!

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: no from my area, that's too far from the beach.

Phong Hong: yea, but the beautiful ones are usually at north.

mun said...

For those who like to travel for work, this destination is a dream turning to reality. Your room looks nice and the breakfast is quite ok as it is the standard western breakfast. Have you mentioned before how long were you there?

Libby said...

How nice to have a chance to travel to mauritius on a business trip

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