Monday, February 26, 2018

Team Building @ Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson

Sometime last month, we had a company team building involving all staffs...
Various physical and sports activities were planned for the day. Me and colleague hav our breakfast first before we departed to PD.
Clear porky soup with dark soy sauce noodles
After 1:15 hour journey, we reached there on time for registration! 
the resort adapts the 'Cowboy town' theme
u'll see wooden barrel lining along the alleys, some are garbage bins!
and wooden buildings which are the convenience-cum-souvenir-store and restaurants
our first activity was the Go Kart!
*That green cart is just for illustration purpose only. Real cart doesn't look like this!
we spent the entire morning just for the Go Karting...coz we have about 8 teams where everyone in the team has to be involved...
After then, it was time for lunch!
Simple buffet-style lunch, not much of variety, but is enough to feed our hungry stomachs
The salad/greens section
desserts - consists of kuih, cakes, pudding, fruits
salads....colorful ones
my plate(s) of foods....
the dining hall is huge enough to accommodate 100+ diners
following our lunch, it's time to 'check-in' to our rooms
yea, it is a 2D1N stay in Eagle Ranch Resort...
I did not stay overnite, but still proceed with check-in coz I need the bathroom for shower
There are a variety of room types in this resort, however the committee has already arranged the rooms for us and thus we did not get to choose.
Due to limited rooms for certain types, it was mix of different types for us...
Some got the bandwagon style room. It looks attractive from the outside, but unfortunately the housekeeping was so bad plus terrible air ventilation (due to lacking windows). Luckily I did not get this!
I got the Log Cabin style...It is a semi-detached unit, and yes, we (me & roommate) have a neighbour!
basically all our 'neighbours' were mostly us, although there were some from other companies (which had their team building there too)
 the Log Cabin is much better than the bandwagon, at least it has windows and an outdoor shower
yea, this is the outdoor shower - u can shower while enjoyin' the stars coz it is roof-less
the interior - u will be greeted with this wall painting of a lone ranger upon entering the room
this door connects to our neighbour...It can be locked from both sides
the windows and the walk-in-closet (at the right)
 here's our neighbour unit...different wall painting
twin beds for us, whereas it is single queen size bed next door - 'my bed' on the right...which I rested for an hour only 
the tea set
and the verandah...too hot to sit here during the daytime....
After checking in, we hav more field activities which only ended by 5.
Then, it was I ventured around and saw this horse carriage. Real horse, but gotta pay if u wanna ride.
the pools and the open air dining area with stage
pool and kampong house
the double-storey kampong house
I visited one of the kampong house that my colleague stayed, she got the pool view from her room
where u can stalk people swimming ;-)
but the room is slightly warm due to direct facing the sunset
if the weather is good, this would make a perfect place to enjoy the pool view  while sipping a fruit punch, wuahahaha!
further away, there is a horse ranch but there was only a horse at sight....
hello lonely horse, dun turn ur back towards me, ok?
 since the horse was so unfriendly, I moved on to get some cold drinks from the convenient store. It also sells souvenirs besides junk foods. 
There are a few restaurants in this resort, other than its own cafeteria (where we had our lunch earlier on). But since our dinner was also pre-arranged, I got no chance to try out any of them.
to be continued...


Twilight Man said...

I admit that I am jakun. I am so impressed by this place that you shared which is very interesting. The whole place really looks like a tropical resort of our kind. Nice!

mun said...

Wah, you chose to drive there and back for the 2 days instead of sleeping there ah. Why?

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: yea, local tropical resort with fusion of western 'cowboy town'.

Mun: 2nd day is free-and-easy, so basically there is no more activity after the dinner.

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