Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Team Building @ Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson - Dinner

When the nite falls, we had an outdoor barbeque dinner by the pool...
Well, the pool isn't that near to our dining place, but it is visible within a distant.
The stage has been set up with loudspeakers and mic, all ready for us to sing our heart out - Karaoke session!
Dinner starts at 7pm, but some were already sitting there eating even before 7!
*early bird gets the fat worms
anyway, since yours truly is not an early bird, I only got down around 7:15pm.
The staffs were still busy grilling, but most dishes/grilled meats have been served on the tray. We only took the food from the buffet tray since we dun have to do the grilling.
Whats on my plate - spaghetti, cold sausages, coleslaw, salads, grilled chicken wing, grilled sausage, corns, mashed potatoes.
and for my second round - creamy mushroom soup, grilled lamb, prawns, another grilled sausage, grilled fish (wrapped in aluminium foil), coleslaw.
There are various gravy and sauces for the grilled meat, but I prefer mine with mushroom sauce & black pepper sauce.
*Skies getting darker, hence my picture unclear
after some desserts, I couldn't fit in anymore food.
There were prize giving ceremony (for the team building) after the dinner. Yours truly got AEON voucher as condolence prize...
After then, the karaoke session for those who has the gut to sing on stage!
as for those who don't sing, they can only compete in finishing the beers
The nite was warm, I spent my nite enjoyin' the 'terrible singings' and the outdoor view while some of my colleagues drove to the nearby beach and town for some breeze & more exciting entertainment.


mun said...

Did you join in the drink beer without hands contest?

mun said...

You did not sleep there so you went home immediately after this dinner?

Twilight Man said...

Mun, that place must be too spooky for her.
I envy those who work in big companies that organizes such team building events! So much fun and I would have gulped the beer drinking!! I had taken in Beer Yard Drinking contest before! Ahem....

Nux V said...

Mun: No, I didn't join, and yes I went home after this dinner.

Twilight Man: LOL, the room was so dim bcoz of poor lighting. Who knows maybe that 'lone ranger' will suddenly become real in the middle of the nite. So, did u win the beer drinking contest?

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