Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hong Kong, Day 3 - Part 2 (Evening)

Continuation from previous post
Reached Mongkok around 6pm, went for our 'tea-time' instead of dinner since we were still full from the earlier 2 meals.
Had the mango trio platter + mango juice at Hui Lau Shan.
 still the same after years...although the taste abit artificial.
 the streetview of the shopping district, crowded & happening with various street performances on a Saturday nite.
 spent some hours shopping here
 then went to buy polo bun & egg tarts for tomorrow's breakfast 
 left Mongkok at 9:30pm as typhoon signal T8 hoisted, although no rain yet.
Reached Wanchai, dropped off our shopping loots in the apartment and went down for supper at Dim Dim Sum.
we had our must-have 'dimsum meal'!
coz u dun consider to be in HK if u did not try out the dim sum....
Nope, we dun just hav porridge and veggies like a sick person
 we ordered also chicken feet, siu mai, char siao pao, chives dumpling, soy bean drinks & Chinese tea
 this place adapt the Tim Ho Wan concept, u ordered from the order chit and pass to the waiter.
Ample of seats while we were there & we leisurely enjoyed our supper till midnite.
 the bill
 it was windy outside, with drizzling rain, nice weather actually....despite the T8.
As my sis went out for a walk....
I went back to unpack, do laundry, shower and watched TV....
here's some of our shopping loots...the snacks & cosmetics!


mun said...

Eh? Now their mango products have artificial taste? Last time I don't think so. How sad. I like to eat dim sum anytime of the day.

Nux V said...

Mun: yea, compared to last time it doesn't taste as natural before...

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