Friday, January 27, 2023

Nak Nak @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Continuing with my food 'exploration' at the new wing of IOI City Mall....
This time i tried out Nak Nak fastfood restaurant, which specializes in Korean fried chicken.
I believe it is a local franchise restaurant. In case you are wondering why the name 'Nak Nak', here's the description taken from their website:
Nak 낙 simply means JOY in Korean. “NAK NAK”, resembles the sound of someone knocking on the door, and also means “we want” in Malay.
Ordering is done thru the counter or at kiosk. As this was my first time, i prefer some human-interaction, hence i did my ordering at the counter.
I ordered a combo meal, which consists of boneless chicken thigh (in chicken popcorn shape), beef bulgogi with cheese fries and a refillable drink.
Was given a beeper to collect my food.
5 minutes later, I collected my food from the side counter.
An empty metal cup was provided, customer can choose any drink from the drink counter and it's free-flow.
There goes my meal. The generous portion of fries with bulgogi and cheese toppings is so filling!
The soy garlic chicken thigh tastes good too. I would like to try gochujang chicken in my next visit.
The restaurant occupies 2 huge lots, it is spacious and has plenty seating space.
Apart from Korean fried chicken & fries, they also sells burgers, cookies and bingsu.


mun said...

I like the fries with cheese toppings. Yummy!

Nancy Chan said...

Looks yummy. Long time haven't eaten fried chicken. Somehow, I prefer human interaction and prefer to order over the counter if possible.

Rose world said...

A Korean fusion cafe it seemed. I also prefer human interaction. Lol.

PH said...

Look very delicious! I also prefer to order at the counter. I feel a bit intimidated with kiosk self service.

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