Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Free Meals and Free Show

This was during end of last year while clearing my remaining annual leaves. Since i m not into travelling overseas yet, a short local trip will do.
On my recent trip to Genting, i fully enjoyed the freebies to the max....
Apart from free room (given to members on certain months), I also had free meals and free show to watch (no, not that kind of show😂)
Anyway, just posting up the pictures here for remembrance....
I had chicken rice (with whole chicken leg) at Fortune Corner restaurant....yes, it was claimed by points, not a single cent being spent.
Free flow Chinese tea/plain water is provided with the meal.
The yellow thingy on my plate are pineapple cubes (to my surprise).
My main purpose of making a trip up there is to renew my membership card.
Upon card renewal, i was given a free ticket to a one-hour variety show, which starts at 8pm.
Highlights of the show include dances
Some sort of musical/theatrical dance. The performers are all foreigners. I believe they rotate their performers with Genting Cruise that sailed thru SG - KL - PN or perhaps with their other casino chains worldwide.
Even the singers have superb vocals.
Some acrobatic performances...
where the acrobats are from China
and some Latin dances by the Latinos...
Such an interesting variety show by international performers...I haven't watch such variety show 'live' for quite some time (ever since lockdown).
At nite, I had supper/late dinner at the food court.
Ordering was done thru the kiosk, bought a Cantonese style yee mee with 5 points.
Delicious warm noodles on a cold nite.


Nancy Chan said...

When in Genting, I have good appetite maybe it is cold up there. I think the best part of the stay is the musical/theatrical performances. I would enjoy that very much.

mun said...

Wah, a holiday in cool genting sounds great! Just like being overseas. 👍

PH said...

So nice that everything is paid for by using your accumulated points! The last time I ever watched a live show was at a night spot in Penang many years ago.

Rose world said...

Free meals anytime for me. I want to go to Genting again, bringing kids along.

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