Monday, February 27, 2023

Room 3218 @ Crockfords Hotel

yepzz...the title says it all....there you go:
but before the 'elaborative' room tour pictures....let me present u a bouquet of roses in a heart shape form💖
that was for V-day i believe...which was just a week away from Chap Goh Mei...
It was still CNY, even the room number plate was decorated with some floral and rabbit-theme CNY decors. A calligraphy was also pasted on the wall next to the door...imagine the effort being done for every room!
Upon entering, you will be amazed by the huge washroom with adjoining toilet & shower.
chandelier lamp, marble wall and floor and mirror glasses creating a huge space effect.
Aplenty towels of different sizes in the rack. There is a weighing scale too.
And this caught my attention...A pouch souvenir!
It has bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap for us to bring home...yay!
apart from that....there are also toiletries in one of the drawers
very well equipped!
As for the mini bar....
There is coffee machine with capsules....and complimentary bottles of drinking water
(Below) Read this before consuming anything....apparently, the snacks are free (for first-time upon check-in).  However, this excludes alcoholic beverages. A reload of minibar will be charged after that.
This mean....all of these snacks are FOC😀
as well as these canned/bottled drinks
Took them out to identify the non-alcoholic drinks...can't finish them in one, i 'tapao' back home.
There is also a welcome titbits....pineapple tarts and macaroons....yummmzzz!
and a tray of assorted fruits
we finished the grapes and strawberries.....
tapao-ed orange, apples and pear back home...
We also finished all the titbits...but they got replenished again the very same evening...
and the following day too!
[Below] The replenished titbits...this time we got chocolates instead of macaroons.
Apart from the souvenir pouch and free snacks...
This rabbit plushie is free too!
I brought it back and gave to my friend's daughter.
Yea, it was 'seated' on the bed to welcome us!
I felt so lazy to leave the room with a comfy couch, yummy snacks and a huge screen TV!
[Below] A view of the living area...i like their ceiling height curtains that can be adjusted via touch-screen tablet app. Every switch including room temperature (aircond) & lights are controlled by the touch-screen app installed in the tablet...
Maybe one day they will have AI smart-controls which control the lights & temperature with voice recognition😐
*some people are just lazy and dun even want to touch-screen
here's the view outside the foggy
since it was foggy and cloudy outside....i prefer looking at these...
some CNY decors before they take it down the following day.
It was a wonderful stay in Crockfords....hopefully i can get to stay here again for free😀


Agnes CF Lee said...

This is more than 5 stars hotel stay..very luxurious to me..

PH said...

What a luxurious stay! I don't know when I can ever experience something like this.

mun said...

Wow! Like a presidential suite, so luxurious. The room number has very good fengshui 👍 the listed room rate for this room must be very high.

Rose world said...

Beautiful room, love the theme. So luxurious.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Chandelier lamp inside the bathroom? That's really impressive and I love the design of the bathroom.

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