Friday, February 3, 2023

The following day...

The following day....I had my breakfast next to the indoor theme park.
Enjoying my chicken burger & fries
while watching people screaming their lungs out at the nearby theme park😂
After then....walk around the mall....the Christmas tree was still around then....while some other parts of the SkyAvenue complex have CNY decors, what a transition!
Meanwhile, my lunch at the food court....prawn noodles!
Fully loaded with prawns, pork slices, fishcakes, hard boiled egg and green leafy. Unfortunately it tastes clear soup noodles😕 
As for dinner, I had stewed pork rib rice at Fortune Corner restaurant.
The next day (Day 3), I had brunch at the same place.
Herbal chicken rice.
And tapao-ed the roasted pork rice from 'Cha chaan teng' restaurant located at Genting Grand complex.


mun said...

Are all your meals above foc by using your points?

Nancy Chan said...

Lots of food choices in Genting.

Rose world said...

Wow. All looked good. I would go for noodle soup. To warm myself in such cold environment. Hehe.

PH said...

The prawn noodles look so good, fully loaded with so much liew!

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