Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ichiban Ramen @ IOI City Mall

This is my second visit to Ichiban Ramen. 
I still remember my first visit which happened to be a day before the pandemic lockdown in year 2020, with a different group of colleagues. That time, we return to the office to pack our belongings, PC monitor and even office chair to prepare for our WFH (during the long lockdown). It was a nostalgic 'farewell lunch' to bid our last day of dining together (after then dine-in is not allowed).
This time I ordered the same chicken ramen, as we dined in a much jolly environment, with a group of new colleagues that just joined not long ago.
We each had set lunch which comes with drinks and a side dish.
I choose gyoza as my side dish. This meal costs only RM19.90 nett. Service was quick too.
It is a halal establishment, hence only have chicken ramen.
Anyway, I will definitely come back again for its value-for-money lunch set.
Meanwhile, passing by Seoul Garden at the new wing of IOI City mall....
just snapped a picture of the price for record purpose.
I prefer their weekday dinner buffet which priced at RM63++ for a 2-hours bbq and hotpot buffet!
But first, i need to find a 'kaki' who can enjoy such buffet...The one who came with me last time stays quite far and inconvenience for her (to travel here).
Below is the neighbourhood basketball court, which is brightly lit till midnite. This basketball court is located right next to the kids playground. It looks serene when nobody around.


mun said...

Rm20 for ramen and gyoza is a good deal! Ah, hotpot buffet is not for me cos too lazy to wait for the food to cook in the pot. Ah I think I know which basket ball court this is.

Rose world said...

Nice lunch set.

There is a Seoul Garden over here. Been there few times. Never try its buffet.

Jeevan said...

The basketball court is well-lit! Dining with a group of people is always fun.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Less than RM20 for a set of ramen with drink and side dish is absolutely a great deal. I'm a big fan of ramen but I would prefer the one served with pork. Hehehe...

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