Sunday, February 12, 2023

Cheongdam Jaya @ IOI City Mall

Sometime last month, the team had a dinner get-together treat by the team leader.
We chose to have Korean BBQ buffet at a halal restaurant.
This was a meaty meal with unlimited refill of various meats.
The BBQ unlimited set came with 5 banchans, rice, soup and lettuces. All are refillable. Sadly, drinks/tea are not included.
They have beef, lamb, duck, chicken meats.
Reached there around 6:30pm, on one fine Wednesday. The restaurant was still vacant with only a few tables occupied.
Some minor mishaps happened before we started our meal...firstly it was a blackout, for around 1-2 minutes...not sure if it was due to electricity tripped.
When the electricity was restored, we power 'on' the stove and there was a fire spark. We jumped out of shock, thinking that it gonna explode­čśé
Nevertheless, no one was hurt and it was just some malfunction due to the water/moist on the burner plug. We managed to switch to another table and continue with our feast.
[Below] The banchans....
The meats were all placed on one huge platter which are refillable upon request. We can choose which meat to refill.
The kimchi soup has only plain kimchi with enoki mushroom, it has no other ingredients apart from that.
Lastly we got free dessert due to the earlier mishaps, and we were being compensated with Korean waffles, topped with cream and marshmallow. It was delicious!
Overall a hearty & meaty meal. Food was great, but i couldn't consume so much meat.
The price is roughly RM80 per pax (with taxes & service charges)


Rose world said...

I have never been to a Korean buffet before. Not a fan of Korean cuisine though, but I like to try variety of food on buffet table.

Mandy said...

Looks like an awesome Korean BBQ buffet, completed with free unique dessert, Korean waffles. I'm fan of Korean BBQ! Definately will give it a try when i'm around IOI City Mall. Thanks for sharing.

mun said...

Wow! Free refill for the meat! Good for big meat eaters!

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