Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Family Reunion Lunch

An uncle & his family recently came back to visit the extended family as well as to celebrate his 70th birthday in KL.
Long time ago, the 'extended family' gathering used to be at grandma house. Ever since she left more than 3 decades ago, we have no fixed gathering place but recently we gathered at this 'rich aunt' house which doubled as a soy sauce factory. The soy sauce factory is no longer operating these days, although the remnants (barrels from the factory) are still found in the backyard. 
The rich aunt is also a great cook....she whipped out several dishes within half day in the kitchen...all alone!
Here are the dishes that she had prepared:
Hokkien mee, overloaded with crispy lards
Vinegar pork trotter
Poached spring chicken
Blanched beansprout
On top of these, she also ordered roasted duck from a nearby stall...
I was full to the brim from this sumptuous lunch.
The gathering was attended by family members from 3 generations, me being the middle one....It's great to see everyone in the pink of health after a long lockdown.


mun said...

Wow! Your rich aunt can really cook up a feast. Where did your uncle returned from?

Nancy Chan said...

I really salute to your aunt. I am already finding it difficult to cook so many dishes by myself. This year, I am planning to cook maximum 4 dishes only for each meal. I am no longer as efficient as before because age is catching up. I love all the dishes your aunt cooked.

PH said...

Wow! Wow! Your rich aunt is fantastic! She cooked all that (except the roasted duck) by herself. She must love cooking and I bet the food was super sedap.

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