Wednesday, January 18, 2023

CNY Mall Decors & Shopping

This year the CNY comes too soon after Christmas, hence i did not have ample time to 'tour' around Klang Valley shopping malls to snap their decorations.
Only managed to go to the ones nearest to home and office....
I went to Pavillion Bukit Jalil sometime end of last year, where they have just begin to set up the CNY decorations. Things were still messy and half done, hence i did not snap any picture.
But the Food Merchant supermarket were already in full-force with CNY goodies and decors up.
some flowers/plants on sale
meanwhile at IOI City mall new rabbits but this....flamingos??
the new wing is much quieter and not many kiosk being set up. There is only 1-2 selling CNY cookies.
[below] lanterns hung from the ceiling
due to the huge concourse, the decorations look tiny and does not fill up the entire space.
meanwhile at old wing, nothing impressive, the concourse area has 'split' into half, where only half of it is decorated. The other half is occupied by some booths selling massage chair.
There is a new fast-food outlet in the occupies a corner lot of the busy district.
Rice burger, but very much cater to local taste...such as rendang flavor, pandan rice, nasi lemak rice burger sort of thing. Browsed thru their menu (from the ordering machine) but found nothing that i fancy. I would prefer eating proper burger or proper rice, not the fusion of both.
I received some shopping vouchers to buy CNY goodies at Genting 'CNY Flower Market'.
Here are what we got (combination of a few vouchers)
Also bought a pre-packed yee sang to savor during CNY😀
Well, i'm done with shopping!

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mun said...

Wah, so good that you have finished your CNY shopping! Thanks for the CNY decor photos

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