Monday, January 9, 2023

Big Fish Small Fish @ IOI City Mall

With the new Phase 2 IOI City Mall being launched late last year, I have more F&B option to explore these days.
Went to try out Big Fish Small Fish during the weekday evening after work.
Surprisingly it was empty, only 3 tables occupied. Ordered the most basic item on the & chips. I chose dory fish.
It came with 2 side dishes. I chose coleslaw & mashed potato. Side dishes taste OK-lah, nothing to shout about.
Deep fried dory fish is too oily for my liking, hence i will not order this again. Generous servings of fries.
Apart from the tartar sauce, you can request for other sauces from the counter. There are cheese sauce, curry mayo, chili and ketchup.
Pricewise is on the affordable side, which i see mostly family with kids dine here.
I paid RM22.88 nett for this plate of dory fish & chips, using TnG ewallet (from my birthday 'gift', by company)😀
On another day, I had my 'annual chili pan mee' at Super Kitchen Pan Mee. Seems like (coincidently) i would usually go there once a year during the year end. The price has gone up to RM13 per bowl.
The below was my dinner tapao from Fortune Corner restaurant in Genting. Supposedly nasi lemak with condiments arranged neatly, but when 'tapao-ed' it became like rojak rice. The sambal is not spicy at all.
During my visit to the CU mart (IOI City Mall), I would usually go to their gimbap section to see if there's any product expiring soon and grab some with 20% to 30% discount.
Bought this 'duo gimbap' at RM7.50 (original price RM10) coz it was goin to expire in 1 hour from the time i bought. Had tried it a few times and so far no stomachache (after consuming).


PH said...

There is a CU Mart near me and I did not know that they sell expiring products at discounted prices.

mun said...

I will also go buy going to expire in one hour food at a discount. Shouldn't be an issue. I cannot stand spicy so seldom eat at the chili pan Mee shop. Would like to try the fish and chips but not dory. Maybe haddock if they have it.

Rose world said...

My girl would like the fish n chip. She is a big fan of dory.

Twilight Man said...

I have been eating various Fish and Chips every week. I will be a good swimmer soon! Lolol
You just gave me an idea to buy gimbap to eat and store in the fridge.

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