Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Taco Bell....and Jollibee

Both of these franchises landed in Malaysia sometime during the pandemic lockdown, and i was so eager to try it back then. Unfortunately due to the crowds, i have to KIV until recently.
My first Jollibee was in IOI City mall (sometime last year). The second time, i tried it in Pavillion Bukit Jalil. I had 2-pieces 'chicken joy' combo which comes with mashed potato, coleslaw, a bun and drink. I had the spicy chicken which tastes very much like Texas chicken. One thing different is that a small tub of 'chicken sauce' is given together with the fried chicken. I don't think that is necessary coz the fried chicken is already flavorful. I use the sauce to dip with bun.
The outlet is located nearby/opposite Nanyang Cafe.
Below is my weekday lunch from the office cafeteria.
This is Malay-style curry noodles...which has egg in it. The gravy is thick with full santan aroma. RM6 for this bowl of noodles.
Now, back to Taco Bell....
I was excited when i first saw it at the new wing of IOI City mall!
Bought an ala-carte 2-pieces crispy taco (with minced beef) to try. My verdict?.....i think that Taco Bell is overrated.
Nevertheless i did their online survey and got myself a free packet of cinnamon sticks!
This tastes good....the crispy texture similar to Twisties, but of course is in slightly sweet cinnamon taste.
ok, i will do more 'online survey' but first i need to purchase something from Taco Bell firstπŸ˜‚
Went to Ah Cheng laksa for their ais kacang...but it was sold out....
Ended up with assam laksa...
The staff provided me with a bottle of sweet prawn paste....I can fill the assam laksa with unlimited prawn paste, yay!πŸ˜‹
For extra 'ummppph', there are lime at the cutlery/sauces counter....Yea, self-service & free refill too.
Their assam laksa is less spicier than it is bearable.


mun said...

Wah, abc ice also can be sold out at ah Cheng Laksa. I agree with you that the extra tub of gravy is not required. I have yet to try taco bell. Will try it to get to do survey to get free cinnamon sticks. Lolx! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Rose world said...

The Malay curry look good. Hmm, I don't mind the cinnamon stick.

Nancy Chan said...

Taco Bell and Jollibee are both new to me. Curry noodle looks good. Would love to try the cinnamon stick. Assam Laksa yums.

Twilight Man said...

What a coincidence. Today I had a Hard Taco for lunch but it's not from Taco Bell. Mine is very packed with power stuffings. I like!
Jollibee is very delicious but I have to wait for green light to eat chicken again. I used to eat them in Manila.

Jeevan said...

I'm hearing these names for the first time, and the first one reminds me of my favorite KFC combo.

PH said...

I was curious about Taco Bell and there is one at Taman Tun Dr Ismail though I have yet to go there to try.

Not so nice anymore....

I used to order this bulgogi stew whenever i dined at Mi Na Rae, coz it tastes similar to the one i had in Korea sometime ago. However, late...