Wednesday, October 5, 2022

L'titude @ Genting Grand Hotel

By evening, i had dinner at L'titude at Genting Grand hotel. It was a dinner invitation for members, so again FOC😁
The menu is fixed, so everyone else is having the same. It's a 4-course meal with starters, main and dessert.
For starter, here's the rock melon & prawn salad. Very fresh and succulent prawns. I wish i can have more!
wish granted....mum 'donated' some to me
while having the meal, the 'bar' was still empty....
then a local band came and performed on stage...rendering some Chinese and English songs
on the other side, the huge screen is showing the live Japan Open Badminton Championships 2022 match. Very interesting match!
ok, now back to the food....
next is the double boiled lotus root has a few chunks of pork ribs underneath...tastes so homely!
The main meal is a huge chicken leg with lotsa ginger on top. Also served with rice and mixed stir-fry veggies.
There goes our dinner for two😀
and lastly the desserts - chilled peach gum with sea coconut and durian mochi mooncake.
The durian mochi has very flavorful musang king durian creamy and sweet!


mun said...

Wah, very good food. I am salivating at all your food. Looks tasty😋 best is it is foc. U must be very full after eating all the food.

Nancy Chan said...

That was a delicious dinner in Genting.

Rose world said...

Watching badminton matches while enjoying FOC dinner in a grand hotel? I like that!! Hehe.

Stacy said...

Dining in the lap of luxury... good stuff!

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