Monday, July 7, 2014

The Terminal (2004 movie)

Taken from a real-life story of an Iranian refugee stranded in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, this movie tells about a Krakozhia (fictional country) man who got stranded in New York...not quite....but yea, in the airport!
 during his stay in the airport, he befriended some staffs and also this beautiful stewardess named Amelia (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones). 
she has sweet and cute smile, don't u think so?
anyway, Amelia is somewhat a lady-in-waiting-for-her-true-love
or put it straightforward as someone who is still "seeking", though luck is not at her side as she is stuck with a married man.
Well, she is that kinda lady who can get any man she wants...and i dun quite understand why she prefers married guy (but of course, dun be so serious, it's just a movie!)
 i think she looks gorgeous with that formal outfit...
Alrite, Tom Hanks does well in his role too, with his imitation of speaking in "Hungarian accent" and some odd-but-funny moments with the immigration and fellow staffs in the airport.
Recommended to watch if you are looking for some comedies.

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