Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not in the Mood...

Been on one month hiatus from blogging...and seriously am still not in the mood for bloggin' YET...but to keep things going, i hav to post up somethin' here to keep up with the 'momentum' otherwise this blog will start to 'slowly' losing its readers.
Work has been tremendously crazy over the past months...fingers crossed as i'm still expecting the best outcome from my hard labor...Everyone was so stressed up...even my boss had been complaining about the pressure...uhh...alrite...fullstop from here. Getting business for the company isn't that easy...and am glad we (me and the team) managed to secure 2 projects worth multimillion dollars, competing against some foreign players...phew! hard labor paid-off! 
But...my fight isn't over yet...I demand for RECOGNITION.
Everyone wants a piece of the pie...and of course, being the team lead who contributes 80% of the hard labor, how would i be left out? 
Job satisfaction and recognition are closely related, at least in my point of view...No point of working like a cow when everyone else around is taking credit out of u. Alrite, back to work now...though it seems like i m stil not in the mood for working due to all these 'negativity elements lingering around in the office'....Yet again, i expect for the BEST and prepared for the worst.

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RealGunners said...

I can understand your feeling. I sort of abandoned by blog for more than a year. It takes time to get back up to speed. I blame Facebook and Instagram :P
I hope you don't give up on your blog though. Even if you have 0 readers left. I think the blog is something very precious, sometimes you just need to record down your feelings and thoughts in a comprehensive manner, and Facebook just don't cut it.

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