Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another foodie post

i'm a foodie one can deny that coz i enjoy taking food pics eating, nibbling, gulping and walloping (eh...whatever that goes into the mouth will do)
my colourful brunch...i'm rather picky nowadays for only selectively took certain food...LOLx
well...i can't be walloping everything from the buffet array! 
 it's a boutique hotel...and it's rather creepy walking on this dark corridor with such ol' gothic architecture...haha
 alrite, back to the foodie post...
great to know that this hotel also served free hi-tea to it's 'tenants'. It is from 5:30 till 7pm
am so happy jumpin' in joy
 since i usually dun take lunch, I decided to give it a try...somehow it could fill up my growling stomach before dinner....
it served bits of everything from eastern to western...ok, dun expect much since it is a 'bonus' (usually hotels dun serve free hi-tea!)
 on my flight  home, I usually patronised this one-and-only-miserable-restaurant at the airport departure lounge for dinner. It serves good briyani rice, but i avoid taking it most of the time, perhaps of taking too mch oily & spicy food during my stays made me opt for some milder stuff? is so-so if u r not taking the briyani rice...ambience-wise not bad...but the wifi sucks...almost zero connection...well, 2 hours at the departure lounge and without connection, I can only pass time by loitering the shops...and zZZzzzz....
Bon Appetit & Bon Voyage!


mun said...

Thankyou for dropping by my blog. Where is this mysterious looking hotel?

Nux V said...

u r welcome.
this mysterious hotel is in biz district of Dhaka.

mun said...

Oh, Dhaka! So that means I won't get to visit it then. :( Were you there on business or holiday?

Princess Ribbon said...

I love buffet spreads.. Be it breakfast or hi tea or dinner.. Ooohh I also like colourful food, for the sake of the camera, haha..

Nux V said...

Mun: ermm....nothing much to look-see if u r going as tourist...very much crowded like some Indian cities. I was there for business.

Princess Ribbon: me too! (*high five!)

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