Monday, August 5, 2019

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

The last time I went to Genting Highlands was in October last year...Back then the Skytropolis was still under renovation and not open to public yet.
Hence my only 'entertainment' back then was catching the SkySymphony @ SkyAvenue, besides shopping.
Well, the SkySymphony is still around and my favorite is 'Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning' coz of its rich, lively and colorful graphics.
 it lightens up the atmosphere the moment it was played on air
feasting my eyes with the colorful graphics from these gigantic screens is indeed amusing
  I could stand there watching it many times....yea, I had watched this many times!
 Meanwhile the outdoor theme park is still under construction, not sure how it will turn up ever since Fox Studio has retracted their contract in building the Fox World theme park...
Anyway, since the indoor theme park is operating, the number of visitors have also increased...kinda 'congested' during the weekend!
I took this picture (below) before noon and it wasn't that crowded yet.
 aerial view from the first floor of the newly re-opened First World Plaza...
other than the carousel and Ferris wheel, all the games/rides are kinda scary~~~


PH said...

Very colorful indeed! I like it :)

mun said...

You don't like scary rides? Can scream very loudly and release tension.

Rose world said...

Been to Genting once and that was many years ago.

Nice light effecr. I would live to visit Genting again.

Nux V said...

PH: yea, I like it too!

Mun: old liao….I dun enjoy scary rides like last time anymore.

Rose World: Genting is different now...alot of shops and eateries...if u r not into those theme park can still dine and shop!

Libby said...

Many colourful pics you took

Libby said...

Yes i witnessed the sky symphony myself too when i went genting recently and some of the rides at the indoor theme park do look really scary.

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