Thursday, August 8, 2019

Icon Kitchen, Bukit Jalil

 Decided to try out a Chinese restaurant in Bukit Jalil for our weekend dinner
We had stir fried sweet potato leaves with fu yu (fermented bean curd) (RM12)
pork ribs (RM20)
deep fried squid with salted egg (RM25)
 tofu with minced pork (RM15)
 and steamed tilapia in assam sauce (RM45)
 the dishes were flavorful but we were thirsty after the meal....too much msg!
The total price with rice and tea for 5 pax is RM141.95 inclusive of 5% service charge and 6% service tax.
It was a nice evening on that's a sunset view


Rose world said...

I tried the sweet potatoes with fu yu beforr, very different but yummy. I liked it.

I dont really fancy msg overdose but guess cannot escape that when dine outside. That what make the food tasty. I dont use MSG at home.

mun said...

There is a icon kitchen same row as good taste in jalil links. are you referring to that one? wow! very nice view. where did you take that photo?

Nancy Chan said...

I love deep fried squid. Have a happy day!

Nux V said...

Rose World: yes, can't escape when dining outside.

Mun: yes, I m referring to that one. The picture was taken nearby Jalil links.

Nancy Chan: Have a happy day to you too ;-)

Libby said...

The last photo looks like singapore marina bay sands, lol.

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