Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tun Dr. Mahathir Birthday Banquet - Part 1

My boss was in Tanzania when he sent me an invitation to attend Tun Dr. Mahathir birthday dinner at Shangri-la Hotel organized by our company.
Needless to say, i jumped onto the opportunity and accepted it coz i wanted to meet him in person!
it was held the following week (while my boss was still stuck abroad!)
Despite an ordinary Monday evening...i was full of excitement coz this is probably the first and the last time i will see this prominent leader so upclose and near!
and btw, these flowers were not for decoration...they were doorgifts! 
 some rice displayed and for sale
 rice milling machine...well, i dun understand what it does!
it seems like u put in rice...and came out the same thing! nothing looks different to me after processing...hahaha!
 and while the guests had gone into the hall...our staffs have to stand at the lobby to create a 'merry' atmosphere
some photographer to shoot the historic moment
 hall entrance
 registration...only for guests...not for us staffs
pity us the staffs...we gotta wait outside the hall until all our guests had gone in :-(

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