Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maiu Japanese Restaurant

Life's got really tied up and hectic...despite that, i 'stole' some time for myself, coz i need some personal space after all those "havoc in the office" and perhaps to pamper myself by indulgin' into comfort food
there is this place been opened for quite some time, but i couldn't locate it in the neighborhood. Not that my neighborhood is huge?!
It's a Japanese restaurant which is known for its buffet...but somehow, it isn't known to many
it's location is secluded from other eateries chain, and the shop is sandwiched between some printing factories at an unpopular & quiet street. I would not hav discover it if not passing by that road on my way to the clinic
it was 12noon, but the place was almost empty with only one table occupied by a group of teens...
the atmosphere is different from any typical japanese restaurant as the decor is simple and not appealing.
U'll notice bottles of Sake displayed at the counter, hence obviously this isn't a Halal eatery.
 my tempura bento set
 which comes with white rice...it has been ages since i last had fine quality rice!
 crispy tempuras
 and salad
 and for digestive, a small pot of green tea might help
nothing hoo-haa about the food or its presentation...it is pretty standard, and the price is slightly comparable to those bigger names that you'l normally get at malls.

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