Friday, August 12, 2022

Poppo Kanteen, Sri Petaling

My quiet dinner cum supper at Poppo Kanteen...
After many years of not eating at Poppo, i decided to revive my tastebuds with their signature nasi lemak.
It was around 9pm plus and the place was already quite empty with only 2-3 tables occupied. Great!
I had mutton curry nasi lemak. The mutton curry was served separately in a bowl.
Portion-wise not bad, quite generous serving of muttons, roughly 3 huge chunks of meat. Here's a top-down-view so that you can see the comparison of the bowl size and the rice portion. Obviously the mutton curry is way too much to eat with rice. If i have a bread, i would dip them into the extra curry gravy, as not to waste them.
Was super hungry, hence i ordered an ala-carte deep fried sotong.
This portion is good for sharing. But knowing me well, i can wallop this without any problem.
The deep fried sotong was just OK, it was prepared fresh, hence served hot and crunchy (at the outer layer). Not much of flavor, unless u dip it in mayo...
I had them in curry instead coz i have extra curry gravy.
Do they pair well?
Tastewise - yes
Calories count - no
Felt so guilty after eating such high calories and cholesterol food😝


PH said...

We same gang, can wallop a lot of food. LOL!!!

mun said...

Wah, you so brave, so late ok to eat so much because of hunger. No scared of putting on weight? I am on a 20 hours water fast daily because I want to lose the weight I gained after eating one slice of cake a day for 10 days. Lolx! 🤣😂🤣😂

contact.ewew said...

I've tried their nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah and beef rendang (the rendang portion was very generous, like your mutton, too much for the rice given). Also had their fried sotong and a few other snacks though I can't remember any of them leaving an impression). I liked their mee siam. The food here is a bit of a hit and miss for me but portions and price is certainly great.

Jeevan said...

Yes, the mutton gravy looks generous for that little portion of rice and seems too spicy to taste alone. Good, you managed with the fried sotong should have given you a distinct taste! And it's ok if you have high cholesterol and calorie food occasionally.

Stacy said...

What to do, not enough rice!

Well for deep-fried food, the main thing is it's served fresh and hot.

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