Wednesday, August 10, 2022

126 Mixed Rice

It was a weekend and the home kitchen was 'closed'.
During evening, we went out to buy mixed rice from the neighborhood chap fan shop.
Here are the dishes:
Sweet & sour pork + Bitter gourd (RM7.30)
Sweet & sour pork + Lettuce (RM9.80)
3 pieces of Marmite chicken + 8 pieces of 'vegetarian chicken' ball....
This box is the priciest among all, despite only 2 dishes (1 meat dish and 1 non-meat)
Are u able to guess?
Well, the price of mixed rice these days has gone up tremendously after the economy 'reopened'.
Some 2 or 3 dishes can easily reached above RM10.
During these few months, I observed that many eateries now have shorter operation hours and closes earlier (than previous). Some stop taking order before/by 8.50pm despite closes at 10, even at shopping malls.
Not sure if this is due to manpower shortage or the increase of minimum wages.
Worse still is that some eateries only have 2 person manning the entire shop....with only 1 person in the kitchen and another manning the dining/counter/drinks area, resulting in slow service. Employer trying to cut cost?
I felt pity to the staffs coz they need to endure the 'hangry customers' and suffers burnout from overworking. There were times i waited so long in the eatery and just went back home to eat bread coz i see that the staff couldn't cope with the order capacity.


PH said...

Wow that bad! I read that restaurants are facing staff shortage. The other day my partner told me about how the lady boss at the chap fan shop he frequents had to keep running back and forth from the kitchen to the cashier counter because her workers did not show up. Her husband had to struggle in the kitchen himself to cook all the dishes!

Your chap fan boxes look so loaded and delicious! Memang prices have increased a lot - my partner also complained to me. LOL!

Rose world said...

I like weekend, where my kitchen close for half day and once in a while, whole day. Hehe. Your chap fan looked good. True, food price gone up so high now.

mun said...

I think they charge you double portion price for some of the dishes you took. My spouse often buy 3 packs with 1 meat and 2 veges and the total price is around RM 24. Just curious, since already eating real marmite chicken, why take vegetarian chicken balls? Just to test the taste or eaten before and like the taste so buy again to eat? This 126 chapfan has many choices so my spouse like to go there but difficult to find a parking space.

mun said...

Sad to hear that they are pushing staff to the Max. I must remember to buy food delivery at off meals hours.

Stacy said...

The staff shortage is real. Many foreign workers went home during MCO and now can't come back to MY.

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