Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Off to Kathmandu in the next few hours...

Well, I should be packing my luggage rite now instead of sitting here in the office lingering and wasting time around. My flight will be at tomorrow morning...and i m dreading to go...i mean to Nepal. So dreaded to face customer and partners, plus the expectation that were "bestowed" unto me to get things done over there makes it like 1000x stressful rather than enjoying this trip.
I jst wanna sit in the office and hav my leisure yet "smooth" tasks (can't expect much since my boss would be leaving soon, leaving us to have no "shelter")
but at least when i m upset, i can alwiz take a stroll in the park within my workplace...That's one great thing of having the office built within a park!
Well, i m still in the midst of a stressful mind...and lil' of depress, probably due to the changes in the working structure (boss leaving, teammate leaving to a better place...new colleagues..etc). It is kinda nerves-wreck when i dunno who my next boss is! Plus working with new people is kinda challenging coz i gotta start all over again getting to know their 'style' before i could blend in. Everything seems to happen in a sudden and i fell behind in accepting these changes...call me slow in adaptability!
Well, to kill off depression, i watched "Dark Shadow" and was impressed with some characters in there. Yea, i m easily impressed and i tink the character 'Barnabas' is very charming & attractive and so does 'Angelique'...If i m as good as them....i mean the real life of both the actor Johnny Depp & actress Eva Green who are so professional in playing their roles...
I jst wish i could be one of them...Being PRO and looking GOOD.

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