Monday, October 15, 2012

Indian Cuisine

Our business partner took us to a very posh Indian restaurant in Kathmandu, sort of acclaimed the best Indian restaurant in Nepal...
the ambience is nice with dimly lit yellow lights, very suitable for dating couples indeed (of course families or friends dining too!)
food is however so-so, mayb b'coz i m not used to having indian food...everything looks alien to me, mostly b'coz it is northern indian food?
 they served grilled prawns, mutton, chicken, fish...etc as starter
then followed by another round of servings...the various type of pita bread with condiments
and then came out this bowl of lemon water...
before i take a sip on it...i realize it is for cleansing your hands, luckily i did not drink it! 
 dessert was sort of yogurt and some pieces of 'dunno-what' and some noodle-like sweet stuff...the texture abit like jello....i jst can't finish it...but i saw the rest of them having the whole plate swept clean!
and i was wondering, is that really that delicious?
it jst doesn't suit my tastebud...

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