Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Room @ 619, Radisson Hotel (Part 2)

Continued from previous post...
Here's a view of the room at night, spacious isn't it?
well, at least for me, coz i m staying alone...
woo-HOOO i gotta sleep at 2 beds!
 hmnn....split body?
some complimentary mineral water from the hotel, they'l get you 2 new bottles daily
 the alarm clock on the dressing table
 my comfy bed!!!
 tea set, with choice of coffee, tea or me
 the snack corner
 over at the sideway next to the door, there is this huge cupboard with umbrella, safe deposit and ironing board tucked inside
 here's the 32 inch tv with 29 channels...the only English channel are BBC, CNN and Aljazeera
inside the fridge
 plenty of can drinks and alcoholic stuffs
 and here's the washroom
 toilet bowl for you to shit on ;-P
 some shower caps, sanitary bag...shampoos, moisterizer, soaps, combs, sewing kit...etc
well, all in all, these are just some very standard stuffs u normally see in a hotel room!

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