Monday, October 22, 2012

My Room @ 619, Radisson Hotel

At around USD136 per nite (room rate is USD110 + tax), u'l get to enjoy a nice stay @ Radisson Hotel...and their warm hospitality. I'd say their services is superb, and their staff never fail to greet you everywhere.
Excellent place, minus the frequent electricity trips.
 here's the view of the room that i is at 6th floor of total 10 floors (i guess!).
from the room window, u'l see this
 the daytime gives u a spectacular view outside and in the room itself. The cream color of the wall is so soothing, not to mention about the posters decorating every facet of the room.
 artistic yet colorful
 at night, you will see the street activities and the shops/restaurant downstair...
 here's what i see from my room: above (nighttime) and below (daytime)
 the color contour was so nice over the evening sunray that i decided to take a picture of myself too!
the room service is so efficient that they even offer evening room services on top of the usual morning room service, meaning you'l get your room cleans up twice daily if you wish to!
plus, morning papers delivers right to your doorstep every day!

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