Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu

This hotel is worth every single praise...
well, not b'coz of its infrastructure, but the warm and friendly services by the staff.
They treat you like a VIP, never fails to greet you, smile and opens the door for you...
like sort of...well, royal guest?!
everywhere when i bumped into any of them, you will hear 'Namaste' (complete with hand gesture), good day ma'am, good morning...afternoon, evening...etc...
anyhow, let me show you around this place...
the below is the hotel cafeteria, it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, buffet style
 the elevators at the lobby
 rooftop swimming pool
 rooftop alfresco cafe
 the corridor
 casino, yea, it is located at lower ground of the hotel
 the lobby
 some very nice flowers at the hotel main entrance
 and mesmerizing!
 the Nepalese jst luv flags, and they are proud of their own country flag
 outside of the hotel, there is this bakery named after the hotel...it must hav been owned by them
 another hotel situated nearby, a smaller one (picture below)
 the street view just outside the premis, it has plenty of souvenir shops and a local supermart
 at the end of the road right at the junction, there is this mini shopping complex (mayb it is jst appropriate to call it shop), selling apparels, and souvenirs. It was so quiet with almost no one, except the tenants (of course!)
 lastly, back to the hotel, here's one big array of flowers decorating the entrance...how i wish i could hav this at home!

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