Thursday, June 20, 2024

I Love Yoo!

Bought a ham chim peng from 'I Love Yoo' shop in Pinnacle mall SP.
The deep-fried dough pastries are priced at RM3.50 each, which is on the high price range.
However, there is 50% off on every Tuesday evening (I think it's from 7pm onwards).
This promo attracts cheapo like me😂
ham chim peng tastes OK, with sweet red bean paste filling.
I also tried the sesame ball with red bean paste.
Both are not bad, but i personally prefer the ham chim peng more.
Soy milk which is less sweet. Tastes authentic like those fresh soy milk sold in the morning market.
Other items that I have tried are you tiao, curry puff (with potato filing) and ma geok (horse shoe fritter). So far, I like their curry puff the most (RM1.45 per piece, normal price RM2.90), but usually it was sold out fast.
[Below] Roadside western food stall nearby the neighborhood Maybank.
I tapao a grilled chicken chop with aglio olio pasta which came with coleslaw and mushroom sauce.
Value for money. Tastewise OK too. Can't expect much from a roadside stall. But will definitely buy again if I pass by Maybank the next time😀
Beautiful scenery of KL and the lush green park.
Soothing greens and blue skies to relax the eyes & mind after a long day at work.


mun said...

Nice greens! You went to work near kl trex?

mun said...

Always good to get to buy things at 50% off. Not cheapo la

Lotus said...

If the ham chi peng costs RM3.50, it is considered almost the same as my residence food centre ham chi peng which is selling at S$1.00 so you are right to say it is expensive. I like salted ham chi peng without any filling. Genting has a I love Yoo outlet right? I remembered seeing one when I visited Genting back in 2019. I can understand why the curry puffs with potatoes are sold out fast as they are tastier and more filling for a meal.

Good that you took time to admire the nature of trees in the park, blue sky and not forgetting the blue sea or is that a lake, after work.

mun said...

Oh, is Libby, right?

Diana Diane Teo said...

Everytime when I see I Love Yoo! I also tend to buy their ham chim peng with red bean paste. It's my favourite from this shop. I also love their curry puff too.

PH said...

Oh! Please don't remind me. I LOVE their ham chim peng. LOL!

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