Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Nafazs Shop

I got a RM4 refund voucher from the spilled Chai Thai order sometime ago. Used it for the lunch the following day.
Browsed through the Foodpanda listing and saw a shop specialized in roti canai and murtabak.
I ordered a beef murtabak.
The taste is as good as those murtabak sold in Ramadan bazaar, juicy and flavorful fillings!
and 2 pieces of roti canai kosong, which came with dhal, fish curry and sambal
fish curry
generous portion of dhal and curry, can even dip with murtabak!
the roti canai is warm & fluffy too...sedap giler!
Total price after applying the voucher is RM7.25 inclusive of delivery.
We will order this again!


Tekkaus said...

Glad that in Melaka roti kosong is still relatively cheap.

PH said...

Your orders look good. I miss murtabak and heven't had it for a long time. I love the pickled onions.

Nancy Chan said...

I haven't had murtabak for a long, long time. I have yet to find a place selling good murtabak. Roti canai can get easily.

mun said...

Ok, must note down this shop n order the roti canai and murtabak cos I love to eat murtabak. Thanks for the recommendation.

Nux V said...

Tekkaus: how cheap? less than RM1?

PH: i like pickled onions too.

Nancy Chan: yea, hard to get a good murtabak.

Mun: you're welcomed!

Stacy said...

This kind of thing is very nice when you have it once in a while. I have a shop selling this downstairs so I can't be bothered haha. Disclaimer: Not a fan of murtabak in the first place.

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