Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Club Med, Cherating

This was our first company trip since 2019.
After a year plus of on-and-off lockdown, we finally get to have a company trip. Having a vacation by the beach is such a bliss!
This was my weekend view a few weeks ago....i still miss the moment of sipping cocktails by the beach!
well, but before that....i had to go thru self COVID19 test using the test kit provided by the company.
To prove that we are not COVID19 positive, we got to snap a picture of the test result together with our staff ID tag and send to the this:
anyway, that was my first self COVID19 test, hence this pic for a remembrance­čść
On the day itself, me & my 2 other colleagues departed at 10 from our office. It was a smooth drive with no traffic jam except for a short stretch of road in MRR2. After a 3.5 hours journey, we reached Kuantan to have our quick lunch. Hotel check-in was at 3, hence we got to have some ample time to enjoy our lunch before heading to Cherating.
Weather was hot....supposedly we would be served with a welcome drink and a towel to clean ourselves but nope....maybe the staffs have forgotten....
Nevertheless, we were greeted with such a scenic view of South China Sea...and it was windy too (though it was blowing hot warm air)....immediately my holiday mood kicks in!
the resort was officially opened on 15th Oct, and we went there on 16th....
some of the facilities were still under maintenance after a long lockdown hence the resort was not operating in full capacity yet.
However, the main area, lobby and beachfront were quite well kept
i believe they have just tidied up the place the week before
here's the main pool
quite sunny and hot, hence there wasn't anyone swimming yet
the lazy benches at the relaxing porch
to be continued....


mun said...

I will greet u if I see u around now that can id u from your company id card even with masks on. ­čśÇ Cherating is on the mainland ah? Not on island? Hahaha I didn't go check cos never been there.

Nux V said...

Mun: yes, it is on mainland. LOL, u hardly can spot me around coz i seldom go out ;-)

Rose world said...

I also did my first self test over the weekend. Hubby asked me to do. Good it turned out negative. Now we have a box of self test kits, for emergency.

I wish to be at the beach too. Relax and feel the nature. sigh.

RealGunners said...

Good idea to cuti-cuti now when it just re-opened. I think later it will be crowded as before.

suituapui said...

I've always wanted to go there since they opened in the 70's and they had Feri Malaysia plying between Kuching and Kuantan. Word has it they are going to open another one in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

SIGHHH!!! Sadly, I'm way past my time for this kind of places now - I'd just sit around and relax...and most likely, in the room. Old folk!

Stacy said...

WOW a company trip. Your company is the first I've heard of to restart this. Mine has just about started project makans and even then I was surprised to see the invite. Feel like we're still in the pandemic.

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