Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Club Med Cherating - The Room

Despite opening a day before our arrival, some of the rooms were still not ready. I only received the key to my room slightly after 3:30
In Club Med, they have their terminology to address the residents. We are known as G.M (aka Good Member). Info in:
I'm assigned to Block N, which is located quite far from the lobby. Some good 5 to 10 minutes walk passing by various blocks and have to climb stairs to reach the room at the 1st floor (thank God it is not 3rd floor!).
As soon as i opened the door, there was a strong floor wax smell. They've just recently polished the wood flooring till shiny....
The room is well....quite standard. This is the view i get when entered the room.
The toilet is separated from the bathroom/shower...which is good. Can do 'business' separately without hijacking the bathroom.
the usual soap and lotion...
and a hair dryer too....I did not use it coz it was dusty.
the shower room next to the basin
standard tea set, kettle and a small fridge (at the lowest compartment)
the room has a huge build-in cupboard (which came with more than enuff hangers to hang our wet towel/clothes).
On the side, it has an extra bed, which i used to put my stuffs/luggage.
there is also a safety box and laundry bag inside the cupboard.
surprisingly there is a door connecting to the neighboring room...which is useless to me.
and last but not least.....
my comfy crib for the next 3 days!
my roommate canceled her trip a day before, hence i got to occupy these 2 beds! woohooo!
next to the bed, there is a sliding door to the balcony...I got a nice view from the balcony.
Green grass and the sea (far left in this picture).
Well, overall a good stay, air condition temperature is adjustable (unlike some hotels with central air-cond). The only drawback is the smell from the floor, though it is still bearable by opening the windows.


suituapui said...

Ya, pretty standard hotel room. Reminds me of Concorde Inn, KLIA. Used to stay there a lot but there was a fire and they closed it down. Never reopened since.

I always asked for a room close to the lobby as the first time I was there, I was given a room furthest away in the sprawling compound - just walking from the room to the lobby wore me out!!! But at least, no upper floors, all on the ground floor.

Twilight Man said...

What a nice place for vacation. I have never stayed in any Club Meds in my life. I have been eyeing to visit the Club Med in Phuket which has a stunning beach location.

Nancy Chan said...

The floor is really shining. I haven't been to any Club Med. I heard that it is fun. I am not used to staying alone in a hotel. That is a lovely view from your balcony.

Libby said...

Same as TM and Nancy, I have never been to any club med before though I heard a lot about it. How I wish I can go for a vacation again.

Diana Diane Teo said...

The floor is indeed so blink blink, can see from your photos.
Lucky you can get the whole room by yourself. You can roll on the bed from one side to the other side. Hehehe.

I also have never been nor stay in any Club Med before. Hopefully can try someday.

mun said...

Like everyone here I also have not been to any club med. Why your room mate cancel? She doesn't feel that it is safe to go? The hairdryer is dusty? U should ask room service to clean the hairdryer then. Very green and nice view. I like! 👍😊

Stacy said...

Nice! Especially getting the room to yourself. Unless you're really close to your room-mate, much better having the place to yourself. I suppose you could have asked them to come and do something to the floor, like mop it to remove the wax.

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