Monday, November 8, 2021

Dinner @ Tasty Wok, Bukit Jalil

We had our first 'post-lockdown' dine-out family dinner on 30 Oct.
Went to our usual place in Bukit Jalil and ordered our favourites...

Lala soup
Taste sweet with plenty of lalas and superfine prawns...unfortunately the lalas were not cleaned i can taste sand in it. Luckily no diarrhea the after the meal.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves with fermented beancurd paste (fu yee)
It has subtle flavor from the fermented beancurd paste

Claypot tofu
this dish is just so-so....ingredients include carrots, mushrooms, napa cabbages, prawns, pork slices and tofus. However the taste is just mediocre

Deep fried squid with salted egg
This one is excellent. I can polish up the entire plate coz i like the salted egg with the aromatic curry leaves. The squids were chewy and bouncy.

Sweet & sour fish
Instead of ordering the entire fish which we could hardly finish, we decided to go with fish fillets. Tasty and the gravy is nice to go with rice.
Overall a good meal except for the lala soup.
 Total price for all the above with rice and tea for 5 pax is RM113.20


Rose world said...

I love the dishes. All looked yummy. Kind of missing such dine out food.

Unclean shellfish is not small issue, luckily no diarrhea.

mun said...

Last time I eat mussels in brussels, Belgium also got sand. Like u, I m also ok so I think sand is ok, hahahaha! 😄 I tried tasty wok once based on your review by buying takeaway but forgot which dish I bought. Now after reading your review this time, I will earmark the squid and fish fillet dishes. Yummy! 😋😋😋

suituapui said...

Everything looks so good. Haven't eaten out for so long, missing all our favourite dishes at all the favourite places.

Not cleaned properly? That is why I never buy those lalas and cook my own, I dunno how to clean them. They say drown in water, add salt and they will spit everything out, dunno how true. Never tried. LOL!!!

Libby said...

Lala with sand is disappointing but lucky that the other dishes like salted egg squid and the sweet and sour fish fillets are nice. Price is very reasonable. By the way i have a new post in my blog :)

PH said...

All the dishes I like maybe except for the lala.

Twilight Man said...

I am seriously drooling at all the dishes you ate. I am now on strict diet so have to endure a bit longer.

Stacy said...

These dishes when eaten hot out of the wok... bliss.

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